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Profit from ATM transactions worry-free! Earn monthly revenue without the hassle of maintenance or spending the money to buy an ATM. Through a full ATM placement with Payment Oasis, you get a brand new ATM for your business while we handle the entire machine cost, installation, maintenance, cash management, processing and repair. You get the benefits without the hassles and you get to share in the revenues!

The Hassle Free ATM Provider

At Payment Oasis we provide you with the most up to date and modern ATM available. We offer the best equipment with the best possible service, period. Offering the availability of cash-on-hand to your patrons has many benefits, ad there's absolutely no cost to your business. We offer free ATM placement, which means one of our account representatives will access you location and discuss a plan that fits for you. You just get to sit back and collect a monthly commission check.

Payment Oasis ATMs also take marketing into consideration when developing a plan for your business. We can provide a customized wrap for the ATM to meet your requirements and reinforce your brand. All of our ATMs come with a lighted topper and both indoor/outdoor signage.

We take pride in providing our customers with the highest level of service in the industry. Our dedication and customer service has driven us to be the premier ATM provider in Houston. We promise to keep your machine up & filled 100% of the time.
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Businesses we place our Free ATMs

Gas Stations
Truck Stops
Convenience Stores
Night Clubs
Retail Stores
Gentlemen's Clubs
Liquor Stores
Bowling Alley
Grocery Store
Hair Salon
Nail Salon
Barber Shop
Shopping Mall
Flea Market
Pool Hall
Billiard Hall
Movie Theater
Country Club
Senior Home
Golf Course
Convention Center

Common Questions

What are the benefits of having an ATM at my business or location?

- Allows your customers access to their available cash from their debit, bank and credit cards.
- Keeps your customers in-house so they don't leave your location to get cash elsewhere.
- Increases retail sales by up to 50% of the amount withdrawn from your ATM.
- Reduces or eliminates the need to accept checks.
- Reduces credit card usage and credit card fees and expenses.
- Generates store traffic from walk by traffic.
- Increases your customer satisfaction and loyalty.
- Best of all; receive surcharge revenue for every transaction.

How much will it cost?

When you choose a Payment Oasis, you will never have to deal with any processing, transactions, or monthly fees, router fees, or maintenance. In short, there are no hidden fees at all. You provide us with a space where you would like the ATM placed and we handle the rest.

Do I have to fill an ATM if you’ve placed it for free?

If we at Payment Oasis ATM have placed your machine for free, then we take care of all the filling and maintenance of your ATM.

Will I make money with my ATM?

It might take a little while to start seeing revenue from your ATM machine, and your profits will depend on how much foot traffic you get to your location.  With a Payment Oasis ATM, you’ll receive a check with your summary statement on the 25th of each month.

Do I have to fix and maintain my ATM?

If we have free ATM placement, we take care of 100% of the cost for maintenance and repairs of your machine.

What are the requirements to qualify for free ATM machine placement?

Traffic volume and location will determine eligibility.

See what our merchants have to say!

Jose A.
Latin Night Club Owner

I switched my club ATMs over to Payment Oasis since our last vendor could not keep the machines filled. Since the switch all of our ATMs have been up 100% of the time and filled with enough cash for all my customers. My only regret is I didn't switch to Payment Oasis earlier.

Shoukat M.
Convenience Store Owner

Being a business owner you already have thousands of other tasks to handle. However, the guys over at Payment Oasis are providing a honest and hassle free service. They handle the repairs, service, and cash loading for our ATM while we collect a check every month!

Nathan Y.
Franchise Laundromat Owner

Payment Oasis does great work for all our locations. If I notify them that I need an ATM placed they come out an place it the same day! I have never had any issues with them.

Raymond S.
Salon Owner

Being a cash only barber I was tired of customers leaving my shop to use the ATM down the street. Payment Oasis provided me a solution by placing a free ATM at my location. Now my customers don't need to leave the shop and I get to collect commissions on each transaction.

Amir K.
Liquor Store Owner

We constantly had customers asking for an ATM, however we didn't want to purchase an ATM due to safety concerns. Payment Oasis come out and installed a free ATM with additional security features.

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